For almost 40 years, Steritech has been the partner of choice for businesses and government agencies requiring sterilisation and decontamination services. Steritech is a proud Australian family owned and operated company. With plants in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Steritech is the leading sterilisation processor in the Asia-Pacific Region and one of the largest worldwide.

Using gamma irradiation and ethylene oxide (ETO) processes, Steritech treats a range of products, including: medical goods; pharmaceuticals and cosmetics; veterinary and pet products; animal feed; inputs for the agricultural and fisheries industries; plastics; packaging; herbs, spices and tropical fruits; and quarantine items. Steritech makes these products safer by destroying pathogens such as insects, bacteria, parasites and micro-organisms.

Phytosanitary Treatment

January 2015
We are pleased to announce that the Steritech Queensland facility is now USDA Approved for exporting irradiated Australian mangoes and lychees into the USA. The first shipment of mangoes exported to the USA should occur in the coming weeks.

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Gamma irradiation

Gamma irradiation is a physical means of sterilisation or decontamination where products are exposed to gamma rays. The gamma rays, which are a form of electromagnetic radiation of very short-wave lengths, act as a source of ionising energy that destroys bacteria and pests. The isotope Cobalt-60 is the most common source of gamma rays for irradiation processing and is used by Steritech. The Cobalt-60 is manufactured specifically for the irradiation process and is housed in specially designed chambers operating to strict standards and regulations.

Ethylene oxide (EtO)

EtO is a gas that sterilises via its action as a powerful alkylating agent. EtO prevents cell reproduction and as such can kill all known viruses, bacteria and fungi, including bacterial spores. EtO is compatible with a number of materials. It is commonly used in the medical field for the sterilisation of medical equipment and Australian hospitals are among some of Steritech’s major customers for this process.